Speaking is a Gun is a four-piece outfit from Berlin, who now first come to prominence with their debut record, Fog over Brandenburg. These first recordings – among which are Rocketeer, Circles, Signals and Nothing Ever Tasted So Good – were conceived as a kind of communicating vessel connecting the pleasing isolation of a nicotine cloud and the subtle enthusiasm of a fusty looking V-neck.

Fog over Brandenburg, then, embodies the concise ongoing panache of bricklayer indie. An artsy collage of musical angles and booze. Speaking is a Gun is perhaps the finest band operating in your or anyone’s lifetime, and Fog over Brandenburg attests to this; one might say their album will never be the best 29 minutes and 18 seconds of the last six decades thus far. But they - maybe because they are somekind of naive, cruel-hearted and ruthless guys - would do so (of course) - anytime and anyhow.

Speaking is a Gun do seduction: though it's more along the lines of awkward, clumsy, couch-confined fumbling than anything that would encroach upon Donna Summer territory, at least before post-coital boredom. Ultimately all the sexual musical after-party-bounds and local-beer-evoked leaps of perception also burgeon – and, perhaps, this is finally the essence of Rock´n Roll, even in the Postmusic-era. Speaking is a Gun combine grooves with tricksy instrumentals and staccato beats, borrowing their more mellifluous guitar lines from hazy Blues music and an enduring Prog-Rock-Tradition.

To this end, the punishing, aggressive solos mastered by guitarplayer Julian Reng scathe. Their gift of a rhythm section, drummer Vico Dziewulski and bassist Max Prieß, supply a percolating funk that builds the steady undercarriage of the songs, ensuring maximum dance-ability. Finally, the sometimes rough, sometimes magnetic yearning singing-voice of Florian Begenau guarantees the required last jump into a deeper and more tantalizing Pop-Universe.

Give it a listen! Speaking is a Gun stuck to their guns, and with the upcoming six tracks, they have (at least in their opinion) completed a real piece of fashion. The songwriting of rhythm guitar player Florian Begenau skyrockets us to a mysterious high altitude and the intense and marvelous tunefully pre-production of Max Prieß and various post-production-guys and -companies embeds all of this in an exciting wilderness of dub mix sounds with Southern Rock attitude. Like a sta-prest Jacques Brel, a George-at-Asda Roxy Music, or perhaps a socks-from-Tesco Bowie, it's Begenau’s poetry of uncontrolled daydreaming that allows them a secret shelter in these challenging times.

Where Speaking is a Gun might go from here is anyone's guess, but Fog over Brandenburg is evidence that they are one rock band who is completely willing to conscientiously look the devils of vibes & taste in the eyes.




This year we want to give something back to our community and play some gigs for free. None of us come from particularly privileged families and we all went through the communal school system. There, throughout the course for our young adulthood we experienced the harshness and often lack of interesting and varied cultural entertainment. The reality is this: as a pupil you just won’t have many opportunities to watch an ambitioned local indie band on stage for free. Our vision for what it’s worth is to change that. That's why we’ve decided to play live for free in front of

students in several schools in Neukölln & Wedding. We hope that we can convey some of the joy and satisfaction we feel playing Rock ‘n Roll music on stage to the kids. Another important issue to us is mental health. We think that providing some light-hearted diversion for mentally ill patients can be a good opportunity to show support and raise some awareness for the hardships they face. With that in mind we set out to play a benefit concert in a local psychiatric institution in Weißensee later this year.



In the coming weeks, we will start shooting our next video for Signals.  We are always open to new ideas and people who want to work with us on our video projects. We plan on producing videos for Circles, Nothing Ever Tasted So Good and the many other songs we are working on. If you are interested, you can find where and how to contact us on the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!






We’re always interested in taking part in daring projects and motivated assistance by exciting artists and other musicians. There’re many challenging and inspiring opportunities to express yourself artistically and we cannot wait to work on them together with you. 

Support and participating in alternative festivals is also something close to our hearts.  Again, we greatly appreciate everyone who reaches out to us in earnest.

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